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Potter Lyrics – GUC

[Speaking in Tongues]
You are the potter i am the clay Lord
Make me as you wish
Make me as you wish

You know my ending
Make me as you wish
Make me as you wish

In my deepest Fear you said i will never
leave you or forsake you
Ehh You are the source of Light and
Everything evolves around you
[Speaking in Tongues]

Yes i looked up to the sky
I saw the birds run through
I was damaged and rejected
Broken and displaced by fear
You are my potter
You know my Make
You Know How i feel in the inside
Now my heart cries
Cries your sufficiency Oh my God
Yehhh yahhhh
[Speaking in Tongues]

Come and be the center of my Life
In you I live and Have my bean
You can see that i cannot live without you Oh God
Come and be now
Everything Now
What and Everything i ever wished for
[Speaking in Tongues]

jesus my redeemer
Jesus my sufficiency
The one that never breaks my Heat
yeh yeh yeh yeh yah yah
Come and be My strength when i cannot stand

GUC – Potter mp3

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