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Imela Papa Lyrics – Eben

Said I come into this house, without a shout of a
I worship You
I lay aside, every weight, the sin adopted set
I worship you
You are bigger than all the trials,
Bigger than all the pains
I bless your name
Ama… ma…
You are the God of all creations
We stand in one accord
And Exalt your Name.
Anyi ne ekele gin a turu gi mma mma
Imela… Chineke Imela oh…
Anyi ne ekele gin a turu gi mma mma
Imela… Chineke Imela oh…
Oh my God
Stanza 2:
You my God, my everything
Since you died, you rose again
You are the God of all creations
We honor you, in this congregation
Forever Lord, you will ever be beautiful
Your mercy Lord, they never cease
They are new every morning,
Every hour, every day…
Bridge I:
You are the Joy and the Air I breath
Through it all, you are there for me
You are my anchor, my Hero,
I love you, Daddy mo oh…
Aname ekele gin a turu gi mma mma
Imela… Chineke Imela oh…
Aname ekele gin a turu gi mma mma
Imela… Chineke Imela oh…
(Repeat 2X)
Oh my God
Bridge 2:
You gave my life a meaning
Oh my God
You are everything I got… oh yeah yeah…
Said it was your Love
That you sent from up above,
To remove the hatred
Because of your Love….
2 (Repeated 4X)
Concluding Part:
You are faithful in all situations
My help in times of need
You are all, overall overall…

Eben – Imela Papa mp3

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