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Proclaim Music – Lord We Bless You mp3

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Lord We Praise You Lyrics – Proclaim Music

With a Grateful heart
Lord we come into your courts
All we need is your
Touch our hearts and dwell with in
Set our hearts on fire with your spirit as we pray
Take the darkness lord
Bring the freshness of your light

Lord we praise you
For we love you lord
You’re Good
You’re good

Tukwagala katoda wafe tukusiza katonda wafe
Webale webale nnyo
( meaning* we love you our God, we worship you our God, thank you thank you so much)

Imana turangukunda
Kandi turagushimira
Urakozze Urakozze kyanne ( meaning* God we love you, we now praise you, thank you thank you so much)

Proclaim Music – Lord We Bless You mp3

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