Elijah Oyelade Songs mp3 Download Audio, Video, Lyrics

Elijah Oyelade Songs mp3

Elijah Oyelade Songs mp3

Elijah Oyelade is a deep worshipper, a pastor, a teacher and a song writer. His worship lifestyle and songs is impacting and inspiring many around the world.

Elijah is a graduate of civil engineering, married to Olamide and blessed with three lovely children. He is from Oyo state Nigeria but he is resident with his family in Abuja, Nigeria, West Africa. He has been in practical ministry since 1990 involved in rural, city and house to house evangelism and leading people in various meetings in worship. His ministry is characterized with an unusual release of the presence of God bringing deep revival in the spirit of men, healing the sick and setting the oppressed free.

Elijah Oyelade Songs

  1. Adonai
  2. All Because Of You
  3. Ancient Of Days
  4. Baba Oh
  5. Be Revealed
  6. Calvary
  7. Father I Love You
  8. Glorious God
  9. God Of Wonders
  10. God Is Good
  11. Highly Lifted
  12. Holy Ghost
  13. I Am
  14. I Belong To You
  15. I Will Be Still
  16. Iyanu
  17. Lover Of My Soul
  18. Master Of The Universe
  19. My Desire
  20. My Father And My Friend
  21. My Peace
  22. Poured Out
  23. Rid Me Of Those Things
  24. Saturate Us
  25. So Good
  26. Song Of Heaven
  27. Song Of Victory
  28. Spirit Pray
  29. Take Me To The Place
  30. Testimony
  31. Thank You
  32. The Picture Of You
  33. The Way You Father Me
  34. You Are Glorified
  35. You Are Jehovah
  36. You Are My Shield
  37. Your Word Is Yes

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