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Still Standing Lyrics – Preye Odede Ft Nolly & Mera

[Verse 1]
Men may disappoint
Thank God, dey no be God
They want make I run commot
I’m still standing
Dem carry me talk
But today, dem wan follow me talk
Na Grace no be luck
(I’m still standing)
Dem wan bury me
Dey no know say I be seed
Dem want make I drown troway
Dem want make I cry
But I dey tell them
Ebezina, Chukwu Nonso
I’m still standing

Jehovah, Nkem Madu Oh, oh
You no dey judge like man
What You say You’ll do
{Jehovah, Nkem Madu Oh, oh
Na You dey make me stand
I’m still standing
} [x2]

[Still Standing – by Preye Odede]

[Verse 2]
Hey, My day don break o
You can say, Good Morning
As you dey see me so
Na hin Grace You dey see, no dulling
My way too pure o
You cannot judge me
Cause you no be my God
You no understand
What I’ve been through
I’m still standing
No more falling
Cause the hand of the Lord
He dey carry me up
Praise the Lord eyea.

[Verse 3 – RAP: Igbo]
Chukwu dalu na mmadu aburo Chi
Because if man be God
I no know where I for be
Ndi ilo’m for don murder kwa me
Mana okwa aka Jehova
Bu ife cover kwa me
Thank God say man no be God
Obu na mmadu by Chukwu
I for don mod
Okwa m cho ije n’iru
Fa etinyelum stod
Mua dodge o ya (Jump and Pass)
No shaking mua kukwa gidigba
Maka onye bi m n’ime bukwa agidigba
Okwa icho inwa m ginwa
Ga agbakwa oso
Nwanne ifeobuna i n’agabiga
Ebezina okwa Preye si gi na
Chukwu Nonso
Nwanne ficha anyamili ebezina ozo
Asi gi na onyekwulu oto agbatuo ya
Si far so mu bu Eze ga akwu oto

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 4]
People think say
You go turn to your lost
Private Jet, you dey fly everyday
Baba God, Na Your Grace no be luck
People see dem go shout
Praise the Lord eyea eh eh
(Everyday, Everyday) [x3]
Dey no want make you marry
But today na your day
See as dem don dey
Spray you money eh eh
You’re still dancing
See dollars and pounds
Foreign currency everywhere
On your wedding day
I’m still standing

Everyday, everyday
Every-day, everyday
Everyday, everyday
Higher we dey go

Preye Odede – Still Standing mp3

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