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Hello God Lyrics – Tamela Mann Ft Wyclef Jean & Kirk Franklin

Hello God, Hello
Hello God, Hello
Hello God, Hello
Hello, Hello
Hello God, Hello
Hello God, Hello
Hello God, Hello
Hello, Hello God

I feel you in the darkness of the night
And in the valley, you’re right by my side
And though I think it strange, each time I run from pain
When that’s the tool you use to make me right, so I say

Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy
Take Yo Shoes off, this ground is Holy
So I say
Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy
Take Yo Shoes off
Whatever Comes My Way

Hello God, Hello
Hello God, Hello (Hello)
Hello God, Hello
(When I see a brand new day it’s)
Hello God, Hello (Hello)
Hello God, Hello
Hello God, Hello (Hello)
Hello, Hello God

You see I’m falling falling come to my rescue
Lord I’m calling and I can’t seem to get through yeah
(So rain down)
Father fill my soul
(Come down)
Cause the world’s turned cold
(Fall down)
On your knees and pray
Lord, we humble ourselves and say

Holy, Holy, (yeah) Holy, Holy (Oi)
Take Yo Shoes off (hmm), this ground is Holy
(So I say)
Holy, Holy, (Holy) Holy, Holy (You’re Holy)
Take Yo Shoes off
So whatever Comes My Way

Hello God, Hello
Hello God, Hello (Hello)
Hello God, Hello
(When I see a brand new day it’s)
Hello God, Hello (Hello)
Hello God, Hello (how You’re doing)
Hello God, Hello (Hello)
Hello, Hello God

I am back from the burning bush
I have heard the voice of “I Am”
Yeah, yeah
I am back from the burning bush
We gonna be like Moses and Aaron
Ooh yeah

Lord we have turned from your ways and its like a cold winter for me
Our hearts have no beat
But if we call on Your Name and we change we’ll be holy
So help us believe, believe

Holy Holy,
Yeah, there is no one God like you
Holy Holy
Ooh only you can pull us through
Holy Holy
God you are our safe refuge
Take your shoes off
This ground is holy

Hello God, Hello (Hello)
Hello God, Hello (how You doing)
Hello God, Hello
Hello God, Hello
Hello God, Hello (goodmorning)
Hello God, Hello (Sunday school)
When I see You face to face
Hello God, Hello (You’ll wipe my tears)
Hello God, Hello (You’ll say we’ll done)
Hello God, Hello (Jesus)
Hello God, Hello (Good morning, Lord)
Hello God, Hello (I wanna go)
Hello God, Hello (I want to say Lord)
Hello, Hello God, (Good morning)

Tamela Mann – Hello God mp3

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