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Silent Stars Lyrics – Lenny LeBlanc

you know it’s weird…I spend so much time worrying
that I’ll never find the right guy for me,
then all of a sudden one pops up
out of the blue and sweeps me off my feet.
then once it’s over I’m back at that same place,
thinking i’m hopeless in the romance department.
who’s to say that it won’t happen again?
I have trouble seeing the big picture and
I want that to change so that
I can focus less attention on trying to salvage
a dissolved relationship
and more attention on finding that right guy
for me…or even better: not worrying about it at all.

young boy, young girl
falling in love
‘neath the silent stars
then a few years down the road
nothing more than strangers
but one’s got a broken heart

he’s pushing it to the wall
looking for another romance

she’s hoping the sky doesn’t fall
before she gets another chance

oh let’s wait here beneath the silent stars
time goes by, rivers run dry
and I can’t keep from asking why
we still look to the man in the moon
just to tell us who we are
while true love waits beyond the silent stars 

Lenny LeBlanc – Silent Stars

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