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My Gratitude Lyrics – Joe Mettle

Hol fi’ get anything, no problem
(I will give thanks to you)
(Oh, Lord my God) alright
Oh hear this

I waited patiently For the lord
And He turned unto me
He heard my cry and lifted me out of the slimy pit
He took me out of the miry clay
And set my feet on the rock to stand
Rock to stand, rock to stand
That’s why I sing my song

oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
(For all) for everything (that) that you’ve done (you have done)
Uh Jehovah, I am grateful
So (I) so (wanna) so grateful (say) yeah (thank you)

As I look back over my life
I see the many, many blessings
That you have showered over me yeah
Counting those blessings
I’m amazed that you loved me so
Lord I’m grateful (Lord am grateful)
So, so much grateful
So that is why I sing my song
The song of gratitude

For the Lord is good (for the Lord is good)
And his love never faileth (uh uh uh)
His mercies and his kindness
Are new every morning
I’m gonna sing hallelujah (sing hallelujah)
To the most high God
For he’s been good (he’s been good to me)
So good to me

(I will give thanks to You)
(O Lord) o Lord (my God) my God
(For all that you have done)
For everything that you’ve done for me Jehovah
(I wanna say thank you)

Hear this
I’m gonna give thanks
With a grateful heart
I’m gonna give thanks to the holy one say
(Give thanks with a grateful heart)
(Give thanks) so so so so so so say lo (to the holy one)

So I wan’ say something like ah
I am saying thank you Jesus (thank you) thank you (my lord)
I am saying thank you Jesus (thank you) yeah yeah yeah (my lord)
I am saying thank you Jesus (thank you) thank you my lord (my lord)

I am saying thank you Jesus
(Thank you) yeah yeah yeah yeah (my Lord)

Joe Mettle – My Gratitude

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