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Mine Lyrics – We The Kingdom

Wanted something to call my own
I was tired of being alone
Went looking for beautiful
And You’re beautiful
So beautiful

Settled down in a house of sand
Storm came and it could not stand
Felt like Jesus took my hand
It was beautiful

I’m yours and you’re mine
Till the end of time
Sweeter than water
Sweeter than wine
Feels so good to know that you are

Some days I am so afraid
Like I’m living inside a cage
I hear you calling out my name
And I wanna fly
I wanna fly, yeah

Wild and free in an open field
I can’t believe how good this feels
Hallelujah, God is real
And I’m alive

Something like a miracle
Something supernatural
That you would choose to love someone like me
I am yours and you are …



I’m yours and you are mine
Till the end of time
Sweeter than water
Sweeter than wine
Feels so good to know that you are

We The Kingdom – Mine mp3

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