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Milele Lyrics – Rebekah Dawn

The Lord Jesus has saved me
The Lord Jesus has given me strength
Jesus has filled me with joy and faith
Now I’m singing to give thanks

Blessing, glory, honor and strength
To the Lord Who is worthy
We give You all the praise

Forever (x3)
We praise You
You are worthy
Forever (x3)
We say thank You
To You alone

The freedom of the Lord is true
The goodness of the Lord is wonderful
The love of the Lord has no measure
Now I’m singing to give thanks

About Song

this song was written and recorded almost 16 years ago, when life was a little simpler and big statements like “forever i will praise” were more easily declared. so much has happened since then, many highs and lows, but the declaration has stood the test of time and circumstance –
“the Lord Jesus has saved me. the Lord Jesus has given me strength. Jesus has filled me with joy and faith – now i’m singing to to give thanks!” Yes, Lord… forever i will sing my thanks.

i’m so pleased to breathe fresh life into this anthem with this video and so excited for my first video in SIGN LANGUAGE!

my great thanks and love to Mary, Joy, Beth, Domi, Simo, Ashley, Bilha and Martin for putting so much energy and life into this porject; to Semo, for all the behind-the-scenes help; and to Allan, for shooting and editing the video…but moreso, for worshiping, forever and always, our Savior with me, in all the ways that we can!

heartfelt thanks to Jane Tani for all the assistance with the sign language translation, ensuring as many people as possible would understand!

and a special shoutout to Masi Wear for my beautiful kimono.

Rebekah Dawn – Milele mp3

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