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TRIBL & Sons The Band – Crowns mp3

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Crowns Lyrics – TRIBL & Sons The Band Ft Steve Davis, Jordan Colle

Verse 1
No greater love, I’ve ever known
This Humble gift from heaven’s throne
I’m overcome
By the favor you have shown
The price you paid for a sinner’s toll
The blood You gave, for the world to know
I’m overcome
By the mercy you have shown

Like a faithful friend, You came rushing in
Took my wild heart and set it free
I’ll give every breath, till I come to rest
In the grace of eternity
I’ll lay down my crowns at your feet

Verse 2
From my first breath You saw my heart
Called my name set me apart
I’m overjoyed
I am free and fully known

You give my spirit freedom
I give You all my praise
Don’t need another reason
To lay it all down, lay it all down

Right now is my surrender
Here in this Holy Place
Don’t need another reason
To lay it all down, lay it all dow

TRIBL & Sons The Band – Crowns mp3

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