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Elohim Lyrics – D’israel Ft Charis

Nobody like You
You are high and lifted up
High and lifted up
Nobody compares to You
You are glorious in holiness
And fearful in praises
At the mention of your name
Every knee shall bow
And every tongue confess

You’re not a god amongst other gods
You are the only God
You are the only God
You’re not dead, You’re alive in us
You are the Living God
The only living God
Elohim…! You the maker and the rule over everything
You are God, You are King and You reign supreme
You’re the first and the last, You are everything
Elohim…. Elohim…..!

Nobody like You
You’re the One who spoke the word
That framed our universe
Nobody compares to You
We’re the works of your hand
Made in your image
Every breath that we breathe
It all belongs to You
And all the praise we can give
We give to You alone

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

You are glorious
Worthy to be praised
Angels bow before You
Heaven and earth adore You
We are your sons and daughters
We Lift our voices to sing your praise
Elohim…. Elohim…..!

D’israel Ft Charis – Elohim mp3

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