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Dominus Omnium – Frank Edwards

[Verse 1]

Situations Bow
When I Call Your Name
The Only Living God
That’s who You are
There is no me without You
Mighty One
You’re the Son of God, AMEN

[Verse 2]

Rex Regum
et Dominus Omnium
We Worship and Adore
All Creation, they all Bow
In AWE of You
You’re the Son of God, AMEN

[Verse 3]

You Paid the Price
That no Man Could have Paid
This Life I Live
Is Nothing without You
So I Cast my Crown
Before Your MAJESY
You’re the Son of God, AMEN
You’re the Son of God,

[Verse 4]

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
That’s Your Name
The only Sacrifice that is Enough
Pater et Filius et Spiritus
You’re the Son of God, AMEN

[Verse 5]

Anyi N’enye Gi Ekele
(N’enye Gi Ekele)
Anyi N’enye Gi Otito
Agu N’eche Mba, Nwoke Onye Obioma
You’re the Son of God, AMEN

Frank Edwards – Dominus Omnium mp3

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