Victoria Orenze Songs

Victoria Orenze Songs consists of Inspirational and Spiritual moments of Praise and Worship. Victoria Orenze is  a very talented singer. Her voice brings the gospel to the public, preaches the salvation of the soul through the worship of the God. She says that every Christian should sincerely believe in the Almighty, entrust himself to Him and follow the path of purity. It is not just about performing the actions prescribed in the Bible. It is also necessary to fully understand and embrace one’s connection with Jesus Christ.

Victoria Orenze was born on the 23rd of March. She is not only a preacher, but fire personified. Her praise sections know best the way to touch the hearts of people, and the videos on YouTube get hundreds of thousands of views. She believes in the true worship of Jesus Christ and that every Christian should believe in the Almighty God and the spreading of the gospel in every generation.

She is a well known gospel singer, one of her partners is Nathaniel Bassey. Their debut joint work was the single track “Alagbada Ina”. Victoria Orenze Songs, added her musical skills to Nathaniel’s song and her beautiful voice made it all the more powerful. She also released a solo single “On Fire”, which was well received by the audience and every Christian mind, it was seen as a revival song. She participated in several concerts, programmes and other events that are organized for the purpose of worshiping God. In December of 2016, Victoria organized a Christian concert which she called ‘Return.’ The concert moved and illuminated the minds of the audience and others who watched the clips of the concert were touched.

She has worked with other big names in the gospel music industry including Praize, Sinach, Frank Edwards, Nathaniel Bassey and Sammy Okposo.

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