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Olodumare Lyrics – Labisi

Atabajubu, Olodumare
Oba, Mimo
Oba Mi Olola
Oba Mi Ologo, Oba Imole.

The Creator, Holy God
King of Great Honor
The King of Glory
The King of Light.

Kabiyesi Olodumare
Eni to D’aye Atorun
To Dami L’aworan Re
Abiyamo Ode, Orun.

Your Royal Majesty
Creator of Heaven and Earth
Who Created me in His Likeness
Great mother of Heaven

Atabatubu Olodumare
Oba, Pipe
Oba To Momi, Oba To Moomi
Omi Imi’E Simi
Sebi Iwo Loni Kin Maami
Loni Kin Mayo
Loni Kin Ma Yonfanda O
Nine Ago GanGan
Lotin Fohun.

The Source of Creation
Complete God
The Porter that know me
Before Moulding me
And Breathe upon me
You Commanded Your Breath
Upon me, to Live
You Commanded me to be happy
You Commanded me
To Live Freely in You
The one who Speaks Majestically
In His Glory

Nine Ola Nlanla Lotin Sise
Ah N’O Yin O Logo
No Se O Loba
No Sa Ferire,
Oba Mi Olola, Oba Mi Olola.

The One who does Great Works
In Honor
Ah, I will Glorify You
I will Honor You
I will always give You Your Regard
My Great King
My Great King.

Ti Baba Lase O
Ti baba Loye
Ti baba Lase O
Ti baba Loye
Ni Gbohun Gbohun Oro Re
Emi Mimo Ba Le Mi
Ara Mi Si Ya Gaga.

My father’s Words
Are Yea and Amen
For He is Wise
At the Sound of His Voice
The Holy Spirit Depends on Me
Quickening my Mortal Body.

(Ti baba Lase)
I Lean on
(Oro tin Gbenu Omo Eda N’Sise)
On Your Word
(Eyi tin Gbenu Omo Eda Di Ogo)
On Your Word, Oh God
(Olodumare Oba Akoda, Oba Aseda)
On Your Word, Oh God.

I Lean on
(Ti baba Lase, Ti baba Loye)
On Your Word
(Ti baba Lase, Ti baba Loye)
On Your Word, Oh God
On Your Word, Oh God
Ti Baba Lase.

I Lean on
On Your Word
On Your Word, Oh God
On Your Word, Oh God.

Ore Mi Atata
Baba Alailenikan
Eni To Femi O
K’aye To Momi.

My Good Friend
Father of the Fatherless
The One who Loves Me
Before the World knew me.

Labisi – Olodumare

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