Calvary’s Enough Lyrics – Brooke Ligertwood

I resolve to know nothing but You crucified
Somehow in this room right now
It is enough
The weight of the world
Too much for the souls of men
But somehow You hold it all
Upon the cross

Calvary’s enough
Calvary’s enough
When I know nothing
When I know too much
What I choose to know right now is
Calvary’s enough

You resolved to die
Scarlet flowing from Your hands and side
Covenant is sealed and ratified
You knew the cost
As the darkness fell
And the temple curtain tore
The death I deserved You made Yours
Upon the cross

Calvary’s enough
Calvary’s enough
God I know nothing
But I know this much

Your blood has spoken
It shouts from the cross
The world is broken but all is not lost
Because of Jesus and all You have done
on Calvary
It’s more than enough
God I know nothing, but I know this much
Oh calvary is always enough

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